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1995October 27, 1995 -All of you must become people who are closest to the Pope's heart.

Message on October 27, 1995

Rome, Italy

I do not remember the exact hour, but, from the middle of night, I could not sleep because of the devil's attacks. While I was struggling with extreme pains, light was shining from above. At that moment, I heard the warm, loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved daughter! Pray in a hurry, because the devils are being extremely violent to strike you down.
The Pope, who is the Vicar of my Son, the first son of the Church, and my beloved son whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain, is now exhausted with internal and external pains. But ask him not to worry, but to entrust everything to this Heavenly Mother, as I am shining the light that emanates from my Immaculate Heart upon him.

I have already clothed him with a garment of virtues and protected and nurtured him so that everything he does in his life may be attracted to my fragrance. The purpose is to protect him and become his shield, armor and iron covering at every decisive moment so that I may lead him to the Heavenly Paradise. Therefore, all of you must become people who are closest to the Pope's heart. 

Listen carefully to the words he says while walking on the difficult road of the cross of Calvary and put his teachings into practice and spread them. Also help everyone to love the Pope with a filial love so that all may carry his painful cross with him. How many priests are willing to walk with the Pope on the road from Bethlehem to Calvary that my Son Jesus walked? Many priests are studying the teachings of the Church superficially, without depth, and behave accordingly. That is why my son, the Pope, is suffering even more.

My beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain! The Pope, who is the Vicar of Jesus, the first son of the Church and the successor of Peter! I have been imploring shedding tears and tears of blood and screaming until my throat begins bleeding, but the blind and deaf leaders do not understand.

I feel so anxious that I wish to spread the messages of love from my burning Immaculate Heart all over the world through the Pope, who is the first son and head of the Church. Help me in a hurry. Take numerous souls, who have lost their way and are rushing toward hell, on board Mary's Ark of Salvation, which I have prepared, and guide them to Heaven.

My son whom I love extremely! The hours of apostasy and disloyalty are afflicting you. But, if you (plural) meditate more deeply on the Lord's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart, which have been torn apart, and if the messages that I give you through the little soul are spread and put into practice in the world, you (plural) will be guided through me to the high pinnacle of sanctification, offering yourselves up as living sacrifices with a heart of a martyr everyday and will experience your Father's Love on the way.

It is in my Plan for God's Work of Salvation that I prepared this meeting of yours. Trust and rely on this Plan of mine like a child and help me in a hurry so that my messages of love which I give you through the little soul may be approved and spread all over the world.

On that road, you (plural) will meet the Divine Person of my Son Jesus. And the powerful action of the Holy Spirit, my Spouse of Love, will proceed actively inside you so that all those who have lost their way and are wandering because of errors and sins may repent and that this world may face the time of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart that will blossom like a fragrant flower.
Together with my Son Jesus, I bless you all. An-nyoung!"

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