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1995November 21, 1995 -When you follow me believing, trusting and relying on me!

Message on November 21, 1995

I attended the Mass celebrated by Fr. Spies. While I was in meditation after Communion, there was a powerful fragrance of roses. Light was also radiating from the sky. I heard the beautiful and loving voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.

"My beloved daughter! I wish to let the Church know through the Pope, the first son of the Church, about the protection by this Mother and about the great breadth of my Motherly Love for my children. Hurriedly pray and pray. 

As the Apostles gathered and prayed together with me in the cenacle in Jerusalem in preparation for the Descent of the Holy Spirit, you, too, should pray with me in my Immaculate Heart as the Apostles of these end times.

In this period of purification, the devils, my enemies, are mobilizing all kinds of deceptions even showing many phenomena that appear to be supernatural and miracle-like occurrences. This way, they are misleading not only the innocent and good-willed souls, but also some priests and religious by instigating their curiosity and making them believe (the deceptions) bringing about confusion.

Therefore, in union with the Pope, who is the first son of the Church and has been nurtured by me, and under the guidance of this Heavenly Mother, bring the numerous souls, who are walking toward hell, to the Lord Who shed His Blood for the salvation of the world.

When you follow me believing, trusting and relying on me, I will carry out my Plan at your side through amazing methods; God the Son, Who is my Son, will establish a Kingdom of Glory filled with Love, Peace and Joy through you; and, through Him, there will be a Resurrection and a new Pentecost in this world."

When she ended speaking, the light disappeared, too.


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