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1996January 6, 1996- Even if darkness worsens and sins spread everywhere!

Message on January 6, 1996

At about 10:30 p.m., while praying the rosary during an overnight prayer service in observance of the First Saturday, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue in the Chapel.

"Dear children who have been called by me! Pray with a greater sincerity and with love. Through the prayers that you offer together tonight, which has been set aside (for you) to be with me, the devil, who is afflicting you and is causing confusion through deceptions so that even the children who have been called by me may become alienated from by love, can be repelled.

The devil, the enemy, is confident that he has already won the victory in the Church. But, as I am always with you, I, your Heavenly Mother, will offer up the Pope, who is the first son of the Church, and you (plural) to the Lord's temple as (I did to) my Baby Jesus and will pour down the fragrant oil of balsam upon your heads so that you may be saved, if you walk the way of spiritual childhood and reform your lives humbly and as little persons according to the teachings in the Gospels and my messages of love.

The priests and children whom I have called! If you always follow me, who am your Heavenly Mother and the string that ties Heaven and earth together, I will accept you, protect you and prepare a refuge for you which will make you stronger and firmer. Therefore, hurriedly spread my messages of love to the numerous children who are wandering in darkness.

My Son Jesus is in Heaven, but is also present on earth with His Body, His Blood, His Soul, and His Divinity, while hiding His Dignity, Humanity, and Divinity. Jesus in the Holy Eucharist will lead you to the pinnacle of prayer.

Children! My beloved children! Realize that the Love of my Son Jesus and me, your Heavenly Mother, is penetrating your souls, hearts, and beings and rely (on Us) completely with faith and trust. Your bloody sacrifices, reparations, and prayers of love are necessary for the victory of My Son Jesus and my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, pray and follow my wishes hurriedly. Even if darkness worsens and sins spread everywhere, my burning Immaculate Heart will radiate light more brightly and you will be saved through graces and earn Heaven, if you practice my messages of love."

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