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1996June 27, 1996- Even the slightest sin casts a shadow upon the innocence of the soul.

Message on June 27, 1996

During the Holy Hour prayer meeting in reparation for the insults that Jesus has received, I heard the Blessed Mother's kind, loving and beautiful voice.

"Children who have responded to my call!  Thank you.  I bless all of you who are gathered tonight to do reparations for the insults that my Son Jesus has received.  You may not yet understand how important the grace that you have received is, but you will understand it later.

Children!  My beloved babies!  This is an age of a great degradation, more corrupt than at the time of Noah and the Deluge and at the age of Sodom and Gomorrah.  For this reason, a great disaster lies ahead, but the release of God's wrath is being delayed because you gather and pray together like this.  Open your hearts widely and accept the grace humbly and meekly.  However much grace I bestow on you, you cannot receive it unless you open your hearts.  There may be souls near you who had received graces but turned against them.  See to it that nobody is forgotten or given up, because they have to overcome temptations that entail deceptions and refuse all the compromises that are being made in the secular spirit.

Even the slightest sin, that is, a venial sin, casts a shadow upon the innocence of the soul and damages it by dimming its pure light.  But numerous children in this world are neglecting to make Confession even when they are in the state of moral sin.  For this reason, the world (= the human race in the world) is cascading down by corruption like a tidal wave and is about to be conquered by the ferocious one.

I have called all to become innocent children, but they forget (about my call) and become adults again as soon as they move away even a little from me.  Become innocent children again and entrust everything to me with a greater confidence and rely on me completely.  Entrust to me today your sorrows, agonies, conflicts, ordeals, physical pains, numerous spiritual wounds and everything that can be a cause of affliction to you.  Then, your inner darkness will retreat and a new bright light  from Heaven will shine upon you."

After the Blessed Mother ended speaking, she showed me a vision of her having rescued me from the traffic accident on May 8, by coming to me as if flying and holding me, and also from the electric shock yesterday, by coming to me as if flying and striking the electricity off me.

"Daughter! Did you see that? The devil always tries so hard to topple you. While you were suffering pains because of the traffic accident and the electric shock, you did not complain but offered up the pains graciously for the Pope. That is why my Son Jesus, Who is covered with Blood on the Cross, and this Heavenly Mother always stay close to you, apply fragrant balsam to your countless wounds, protect you and look after you.  But, daughter!  You must be vigilant.  Know that the devil even thinks that toppling you is his most urgent objective.  Behave yourself wisely."

I said to the Blessed Mother. "I am so unworthy.  I pray that Mother may be approved by the Church as soon as possible, this work may be done by the Church, and I may lead a hidden life."  I kept asking, but she did not answer.


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