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1996July 1, 1996 (1) - Become innocent infants wrapped in swaddling clothes and rely on me completely.

Message on July 1, 1996


There were many pilgrims from different countries in the world and from different parts of Korea in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first tears in Naju. We were praying in the Chapel. When it was almost 3 a.m. (on July 1), I saw the Precious Blood flowing from the Seven Wounds of Jesus: the head, the Sacred Heart, both hands, both feet and the side. At the same time, light was radiating (from the Wounds). Then, Jesus?Blood turned white, solidified, and began moving around together with the light. The light was gradually shining upon people in the Chapel and, then, as streams of thick fog spread out, was shining through the windows upon those who were outside the Chapel. After everyone received the light, there was the loud voice of Jesus, filled with dignity.



"Receive My Light."


At that moment, I saw that the Sacred Hosts enwrapped in the light were coming down, and I tried to receive them. Suddenly, a very powerful light came down from the Crucifix, and I felt extreme pains on my head, heart, both hands, both feet and side as if the light was penetrating them and as if many needles were going through them. Because of the pains, I screamed loudly and fell down.

While my mouth was open because of the screaming, I felt my mouth becoming full of something. Those who were near me shouted, 'It is the Holy Eucharist!' and gathered around me. The sad expression of the Blessed Mother on her statue changed to a joyful and smiling one. I heard the Blessed Mother's loving, kind and beautiful voice from her statue.


"My beloved priests and children! Today is the 11th anniversary of the beginning of my calling you with tears and also the 1st anniversary of the amazing Eucharistic miracle that the Lord, Who will save you, personally bestowed (upon you) with His Precious Blood so that it may become a starting engine for revitalizing your hearts.

The priests and you, whom I have selected, have responded to my call to participate in these manifestations of love and, thus, are applying fragrant liquid to the wounds in the bleeding Immaculate Heart of this Mother, who is suffering pains for the numerous children in this world. In appreciation of your sacrifices and love, my Son Jesus bestowed special graces and love upon you.
He bestowed His light of love upon all of of you like a morning dew by opening up His bleeding wounds so that He is able to wash away all your faults, eradicate your sins, heal your souls and bodies, treat all your wounds, raise up those who have fallen, free those who have been imprisoned, and rescue those who have lost their way and are still wandering, with His own precious blood flowing out of His Five Wounds and Crown of thorns and out of His Sacred Heart.

The light that the Lord just bestowed on you personally transcends locations and space and was given to you in the hope that all those who are praying with me become one in the Holy Trinity.
My beloved priests and children! When you remember me and come to me to praise the Lord and honor me, I am comforted while suffering extreme pains in my Immaculate Heart because of the erosions in the Church caused by apostasy, and my tears and tears of blood turn into smiles.
The number of the souls who fall into Satan's temptations and walk toward their perdition continues to grow. But you have responded with 'Amen to this Mother's wish to rescue the souls who have lost their way and are wandering by combining and offering up my love and the love and sacrifices of the little souls. Therefore, stay awake and pray as the apostles of my burning Immaculate Heart.
The violent whirlpool of errors is becoming more severe, and heresies, scandals, and bad examples are spreading even in the Church. My most beloved priests should lead all back to the Lord, but are keeping silence, and the sheep entrusted to their care are being threatened and tempted by the terrifying wolves. That is why I have asked that the Mass be celebrated here so that many priests and numerous souls may receive special graces. The Hearts of my Son Jesus and me are hurting so much, because neither has the Mass been celebrated, nor has the tabernacle been prepared yet."


The Blessed Mother shed tears and continued speaking a while later.


"My little soul! Jesus bled from His hands, Feet and Forehead for three hours. Was that all? When the Roman soldier pierced His body with a sharp spear, Jesus gave you Himself completely, even the little quantity of Blood and Water that was remaining in His body. 

With the Blood that Jesus shed and my tears of love, I wish to wash and wipe the Pope, who is the first son of the Church and is suffering pains and groaning, carrying an excessively large and heavy cross, and all those who follow him, so that they may not lose courage but carry their crosses well and climb Mt. Calvary.
Offer up your sufferings totally for the Pope, who has given up all of himself as a sacrifice of atonement and is trying to live the hour of the sacrifice in a holy way. If all of you offer up sacrifices and reparations through self-denial so that they may become the heart of the Church which will be born anew through the victory of my burning Immaculate Heart, the weight of the cunning scheme of the devil, my enemy, will be overcome.
All of my beloved children in the world! By following this Mother, who lightens your way as the Heavenly Prophetess, do not fall into disappointment and despair, be freed from attachments to yourselves with a special awakening, and, thus, be reborn with the supernatural love. 

Even if you face the hour of bloody persecution, you will be guarded and protected by the love which was bestowed upon you today, and you will find refuge inside my mantle. Therefore, offer yourselves up genuinely and totally and, thus, face the new Resurrection. 

Whenever you come to my poor house (= the Chapel), which you call a bathhouse for your souls and the house of salvation, and express your filial love, I will open my Immaculate Heart to the children from all over the world, bestow all my love and graces upon them, comfort them, encourage them and nurture them.
Now, do not look back but become innocent infants wrapped in swaddling clothes and rely on me completely, following the messages that I have given you. Carry joy, love and peace to your homes and pass on to everyone the encouragement of my presence. An-nyoung!"

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