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1996July 1, 1996 (2)-The salvation that has been won through My immeasurable pains on the Cross!

Message on July 1, 1996 (2)

At about 1 p.m., I received the extreme pains that Jesus suffered on the Cross.  While I was weeping and agonizing over my unworthiness, I heard the loud voice of Jesus, filled with love and dignity.

"My little soul! When you feel incapable and unworthy, look at Me who was hung on the Cross making so many sacrifices and receiving all the hatred, insults and contempt but could not do anything to comfort those who were weeping, especially My weeping Mother, in order to be obedient to the Father's Will. When you weep, I, too, become choked with sorrow; when you rejoice, I also become so delighted.

Do not be complacent about anything, but stay awake always. With the love that rises above the mundane world, come closer to Me and kiss Me.

Do not forget that Satan always lays traps to cut you off from My Love and to topple you.
Even though Satan attacks you more violently than before in order to destroy even the genuineness of your intention to follow me in humility, do not despair or fall into fear but stand up more vigorously and courageously and spread hurriedly the combined Love of the burning Hearts of Me and My Mother.

 Always remember and practice these words:  My Father, not as I will, but as You will. Also, tell my priests who have been specially chosen and have responded to My call.

When you make Me known, follow Me, and make My Mother known, you may experience pains. But you must lighten the dark world by hurriedly propagating to everyone the salvation that has been won through My immeasurable pains on the Cross.

When I was a baby, Herod tried to attack Me. But the Father protected and rescued Me. Likewise, I will always stay with you who are working for Me and following Me. Entrust to Me even your spiritual thirst that cannot be filled in this world. I have called you to rescue this world which has been jeopardized by the volcanic craters of hatred, formidable great storms, and so on. Therefore, do not neglect to meditate on My Sacred Wounds. For your sake, I received all kinds of ridicules, scourgings and beatings.  I shed blood and sweat and wore a crown of thorns instead of a royal crown. I suffered all kinds of pains, was nailed to the Cross and died on it.

My dying on the Cross was not the end. Even at this moment, I come to you shedding blood in order to be with you, hoping that all - even those who crucified Me and even the most wicked sinners as well as the innocent ones - may repent, be saved and become one in the Holy Trinity.

What would I spare for you who are praying to comfort Me and trying to achieve unity?  If you understand that My Heart is throbbing together with Divinity and with your human hearts, you will become more intimate with Me. When you settle down in Me by meditating deeply and more humbly on My Wounds, you will receive more abundant energy. Carry out the sublime task that I have entrusted to you."

Fr. Spies, Fr. Francis Su and several lay people were with me.



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