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1996July 2, 1996 -Let your souls become dissolved in me.

Message on July 2, 1996

At about 1 p.m., I went to the Chapel where the Blessed Mother''s statue was. Fr. Spies, a pilgrim from abroad and Rufino were standing before the Blessed Mother's statue. There also were other pilgrims praying in the Chapel. I gave many postcards to Fr. Spies for those who were working for the Blessed Mother of Naju all over the world.

At that moment, light came down from the Crucifix and I fell down screaming in pain. The pain was the same as yesterday. Some time passed. Then, I heard the Blessed Mother's beautiful voice through her statue delivering her loving and kind words.

"My beloved daughter! Completely offer up the pains in your wounds for the Pope. As water is added to wine, becomes mixed with wine, and becomes one with wine during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, let your souls become dissolved in me so that Divinity and humanity may be united and become one.

Pray that the Pope's representatives, Cardinals, Bishops, and all the priests and religious who are always loyal to the Pope may become one in the Holy Trinity.

If they all wake up, the scheme of Satan, my enemy, to lead you to eternal perdition, deprive you of the Sanctifying Grace and enslave you can be defeated. Then, the darkness in this world will retreat, and you will face the bright splendor of God Who wills to save you."

While writing down the messages, I spoke to Rufino about some of the contents of the messages. At the moment we were talking about the Blessed Mother's request for a tabernacle and celebration of Mass in the Chapel and about her great sorrows because her request was not complied with yet, Satan, who was not visible at that moment, lifted up a water pail in the room and struck me on the head with it. He also turned the table upside down and threw away the sheets of paper on which I was writing down the messages.

 I fell down and got hurt on my right hand.  The hand became swollen.  Rufino and I laughed together, thinking about the devil's anger over my writing down the messages and about his despicable act.

Lord! Glory and praise to you.  Have mercy on the Holy Father who is in pains. I offer up my pains for the Holy Father.  Amen.


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