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1996July 9, 1996 -With love, you can lift up even the world.

Message on July 9, 1996

Some time after I collapsed because of high blood pressure, I saw a vision. I was lying down in darkness and saw the Blessed Mother appear, wearing a blue mantle and radiating bright light together with the angels.  Weeping sorrowfully, the Blessed Mother said, "It is not the time yet.  You must make haste to go out to the world and cry out," and helped me sit up holding my hands.  She saved me from death.  Looking at me anxiously, she kindly gave a message for many children.

"Dear children! . . .  Getting angry, judging, and condemning paralyze all the acts that could be virtuous; and being unable to trust and doubting destroy faith. Respond promptly with a "Yes" with a heart that trusts the graces from me.

Shouldn't you console my Son Jesus Who has been insulted countless times until now?  Make sure that the Lord is not humiliated any longer. My beloved children!  Nothing can be accomplished without faith or love.  With faith, you can move a high mountain, but, with love, you can lift up even the world.

When hatred gains a ferocious upper hand over love, evil promptly enters the heart and promotes joining hands with the devil who is anxious to cut out the new buds of love sprouting in the heart.  Thus, people can join the ranks of those who neglect to practice the theological virtues (of faith, hope, and charity) and become servile, which will lead them to inner slavery in the midst of inner destitution caused by deserting their own dignity.

Now, help my daughter with a generous and compassionate heart, being more careful about the spirit of criticism, pride, and what are derived from them.  This would be the same as helping me. 

Children!  My children!  There is so much to harvest, but there aren't enough workers."

The Blessed Mother was weeping sorrowfully, and resumed speaking as if she were entreating sorrowfully and earnestly.

"You must love one another while working, but, in this urgent time, should you waste time, not listening to the messages of love that I am giving you? As your rewards have been prepared in Heaven, you must not seek rewards in this world.

Now, as the remaining time is short, make haste to open your hearts and enter the Immaculate Heart of this Mother who is working for your sake.  If you heed well the advices of this Mamma who loves you, you will become lowlier with greater humility.

Now, children! Let's become lowlier and littler. Do you understand why Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God the Father, was placed in a shabby manger? He was God, but did not want to be served by men. 

Now you, who are supposed to protect many souls from the attacks by the wolves which disguise themselves as innocent and gentle lambs and plunder, must not seek to be served.

Therefore, lower yourselves humbly, saying, "I only did what I was supposed to do," about everything that you have done for me.
Many people are following false prophets and become alienated from the truths of the Gospels and are pursuing evils and sins as if they were good, causing so much pain to this Mamma's Heart.

Always remembering this Mother's words that even mistakes are allowed to promote humility, totally offer up to me the wounds that you say you have received and always respond to me with "Yes" or "Amen".  When you follow me, not judging anything with your own thoughts, I will be working within you, and you will enjoy eternal happiness in the next world.

Therefore, my children, make a new start.  As I have already chosen you, do not put your hearts into this place and that place but have trust in the messages of my love and swiftly spread the messages of my burning love with which I implore you shedding tears so that the herds of numerous sheep, which are wandering in darkness, may return to the Lord's bosom.

Now, quickly stand up and offer up your utmost loyalty with love and confront the forces of evil that sweep over the world with heresies."

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, I heard the voice of Fr. Spies and those of several other people and opened my eyes. As the devil's attacks continued, the Blessed Mother wept, anxiously looking at us.  I said to all, "The Blessed Mother is now weeping very sorrowfully."


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