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1996September 17, 1996- You have been called to make the Lord's Real Presence known.

Message on September 17, 1996

I attended the 7:30 p.m. Mass in the Cathedral at Sibu City in Malaysia. When I received Holy Communion and began meditation in my seat after Communion, I smelled a strong odor of wine. The man next to me said that he also smelled the same odor. A while later, I smelled the odor of blood. Fr. Francis Su, who came near me, and a woman sitting next to me said that they smelled a strong odor of blood, too. The Sacred Host that I received already turned into visible blood and flesh, and this was witnessed by Fr. Francis Su, who gave me Communion, His Excellency Dominic Su, who was the main celebrant of the Mass, other priests and lay people.

While I continued deep meditation, light came down from Heaven and shone upon everyone, and I heard a loving, kind voice from above. It was the Blessed Mother.

"Daughter! What are you so worried about? My Son Jesus is in glory in Heaven, but comes to you in Love even today as the Sacrificial Victim for the children in the world.

You have been called to make the Lord's Real Presence known and, thereby, to help many souls to repent. Therefore, do not hesitate but spread it in a hurry. Many of the clergy are accepting me, but are hesitating (to help me) because of  face-saving and others' eyes. But the bishop here is accepting me courageously. This is why the Lord is showing a sign of Love here. 

As my Son Jesus is present everywhere and is with everyone, transcending national differences and boundaries, time and space, I am also with you wherever you may be. Especially, the amazing Work that the Lord wishes to accomplish through my bishop and priest, who trust and follow me completely, will be accomplished, and they will be walking the way of spiritual childhood.

I will give them more energy and fill their weaknesses by applying fragrant balsam to their wounds and will help them observe the Commandments that the Lord entrusted to His Apostle, Peter, and, thus, perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of Priesthood."

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