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1996October 19, 1996 (1)- Despair does not come from me but from the devil.

Message on October 19, 1996 (1)

Priests and pilgrims from Korea and other countries gathered in the Naju Parish Church for the 5:00 p.m. Mass. The main celebrant was Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia.

I received Holy Communion in both species and began meditation. I suddenly smelled a strong odor of blood and felt that the Sacred Host in my mouth was becoming larger. Other people around me saw the Eucharist in my mouth turning into visible Blood and Flesh. My husband, sitting next to me, asked me to close my mouth and asked others to remain quiet. Other people, however, insisted that I open my mouth. I did not know what to do. I felt that I was about to enter an ecstasy and hoped that Fr. Spies would come to me. Fr. Spies came and saw (what was happening). Then, I immediately entered an ecstasy and saw this world filled with darkness. 

Because the world was so dark, many people lost their sense of direction. They wandered around, struggled, and recklessly trampled others for their own survival. Many collapsed to the gound, struggling and shouting.  In the darkness, sexual abuses were being committed among both the old and the young.  I also saw some people killing others, even their family, for their own survival. I also saw priests. Some of them were trying hard to save many sheep.  Other priests were just watching and ignoring what was going on.

While many souls were scratching, tearing apart, thrashing, kneading, smashing and fighting against each other like hungry devils, there appeared a point of light in the dark sky becoming brighter and brighter. Together with the light, the Blessed Mother was coming down, clothed with the sun and wearing a blue mantle and a crown of twelve stars. She was opening her arms toward the herds of many sheep. People who were even a little awake were following the light, but many people did not pay any attention to the light or did not notice it, but continued fighting. The Blessed Mother was weeping very sorrowfully looking at them. A while later, the Blessed Mother began speaking anxiously, kindly and lovingly.

"Daughter! My daughter who has been called by my love. Did you see the world covered with darkness? You, who are unworthy, have been chosen to spread the messages of my burning love. So, hurriedly spread them to the children in the world who are living in darkness.

"Mother, I am too unworthy.  I am so unworthy that I am not qualified to make the Lord and the Blessed Mother known.  Now, please let me live a hidden life, will you?" I cried.

"Who said you were qualified? If you thought you were qualified, I would not have called you.  I have prepared you so that you may graciously offer up pains as reparations for the sake of many souls. But if you think so (= that you are not able to spread my messages), this Heavenly Mother becomes sad. Despair does not come from me but from the devil. Therefore, do not ever become disappointed or disheartened.

Didn't I already tell you that I could raise you up or lower you and could turn your imperfection into perfection? The humiliations and disgraces that you receive are the cup of death agony that has to be offered up in reparation for the sins of the children in the world. Offer them up well and do not agonize over your imperfection.

Without me, any work or any effort will only be difficult. Daughter! My beloved daughter! You are my beloved daughter regardless of what others say. However painful and difficult it may be in this world, you will stand by me, sharing the love and enjoying eternal happiness in Heaven in the next world. Therefore, do not have any fear but go forward courageously.

Even the souls who are walking in darkness and going toward hell are all my beloved children. Therefore, help them in a hurry so that they may all return to this Mother, who is your refuge that will take you to Heaven.  

The fight between the Red Dragon and me, who is the Woman clothed with the sun, will intensify. But, if all of you believe and trust my messages completely and follow me, flowers will blossom even in the desert and all of the creation will become beautiful before long.

My messages of love are the refreshing rain of love that falls upon the world that has become dark and dry. If you only practice the messages that the Lord and I give you, your dry souls will become wet and bountiful with graces; you will live a life of reparation for the ingratitude of others; and you will obtain Heaven.

All my dear priests and children in the world!  Listen to the Words of the Lord, Who has offered up all of Himself for you, not even sparing the last drop of His Blood; respond to Him with 'Amen' and be obedient to Him in a simple way."

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