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1996October 19, 1996 (2)- I am not the God of bondage but Love Itself.

Message on October 19, 1996 (2)

I saw Jesus hung on the Cross, shedding Blood. He looked so miserable. His Body was covered with Precious Blood not only from the Seven Wounds but also because of the scourging. At that moment, I heard the sorrowful and loving voice of Jesus.

"I am the Bread that came down from Heaven. I have repeatedly emphasized to you with signs that, if all of you open your hearts widely and accept Me, My Life and My Love will overflow to all of you. But My Heart is so distressed that It is bleeding, because only very few of the children are truly accepting Me. 

I showed a sign again today so that my children from various places in the world may believe in My Real Presence and spread It. Therefore, hurriedly let the importance of the Holy Eucharist be known in this urgent time. My Love prompted Me to want to be united with you by drawing all of My Life from My Essence Itself. If you, whom I love so dearly, do not accept this profound Love, what can I do?

My Sacred Heart is burning vigorously, because I wish to save you with My Body, My Blood, My Soul and My Divinity, but there only are very few children who open their hearts widely and come near Me.  

As I first took My Body in the womb of Mary, My Holy Mother, My Heart began beating for you in unison with hers. Therefore, love Mary, My Mother, and follow her words. You must know that, loving and following her is loving and following Me. Didn't I, Who am God, give you all of My Life?

My dear priests, who are my ministers, and children!  Remembering that I am not the God of bondage but Love Itself and that I am always with you, have no fear; but follow Me with love. In order to follow Me, you must die to yourself.

Now, through the schemes of the Freemasons, the world is being covered with darkness and even the holy organizations are being wounded by divisions and permeated by seeds of confusion. As a result, many souls are being tempted by deceptive theories. Even so, you, who have been called by My Love, should form chains of love in unity with each other by ceaselessly offering up prayers and reparations for ingratitude so that the poor souls may return to My Bosom in the Love of My Mother.

Many people swarm to the places of pleasure, but only very few are loyal and come to the holy place which has been prepared by My Mother, where they can receive the gifts of peace, joy and love and where the wishes of My Sacred Heart can be fulfilled. Therefore, you, who have been called, should respond with 'Amen' to the messages of love that I and My Mother give you so imploringly and guide all the numerous souls, who have lost their way, to Heaven so that you may enjoy eternal happiness in the Heavenly Home. An-nyoung!"

When I woke up from ecstasy, I saw that the distribution of the Holy Communion was almost over.


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