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1996November 21, 1996 -I will always walk with you who are following me and making me known.

Message on November 21, 1996

I saw a vision, while praying the rosary during the Holy Hour prayer meeting in reparation for  the insults that Jesus has received. (I saw) Fr. Spies was sitting on the floor among many other people and looking weary. A while later, Fr. Spies was startled at loud screams by many people and stood up. He held my hands and worked hard to spread the Blessed Mother's messages to many people.

The Blessed Mother, wearing a blue mantle and wrapped in bright light, was watching this. Then, she came to Fr. Spies and me and held our hands. Fr. Spies, who had been looking weary, became happy and joyful. The Blessed Mother began speaking very lovingly, kindly and softly.  

"My beloved son! Thank you for complying with this Heavenly Mother's wishes. What a great joy you are giving the Heavenly Father by offering up yourself completely with humility, meekness and patience and by accepting with generous love the soul who has been entrusted to you!  My Immaculate Heart is also filled with gratitude to your heart for offering itself up. 

My beloved son!  Many people have become too big to be embraced in my bosom of love. You must become smaller and humbler, and be tightly embraced in my bosom of love and always act in concert with me.

If you conduct yourselves following the orbit of the light that emanates from my burning Immaculate Heart, I will let the spirit of joy, love, consolation and peace dwell in you. Therefore, do not have fear of anything any longer but arm yourselves with the highest goodness and humility that has been entrusted to you and make me known and follow me.  I will always walk with you and bless you who are following me and making me known.  An-nyoung!"

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