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1996November 24, 1996- If you repent your sins, you will live forever because of my Son Jesus Christ.

Message on November 24, 1996

I saw a vision while meditating during the overnight prayer service commemorating the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the fragrant oil from the Blessed Mother's statue and also the second anniversary of the Holy Eucharist coming down from Heaven.

The Lord was shining light upon people attending the prayer service and, through angels, gave them white bowls — one to each. Those who opened their hearts widely and repented their sins before the Lord received large bowls filled with jewels sparkling like crystals, whereas those who emptied their hearts only a little received small bowls and jewels. I saw that people were receiving (the bowls and jewels) according to how much they had done. At that moment, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother through her statue from which she had shed tears and fragrant oil.

"My beloved children! I bestow boundless blessings on all of you who are gathered here to celebrate the holy anniversary of the Lord's coming down to you in the form of bread because of His intense Love for you.

Children!  Do not forget that you are breathing, moving around, and living your lives in the Lord, and do not delay giving Him gratitude, praise, glory and adoration. All humans are destined to die because of Adam, but if you repent (your sins) now, you will live forever because of my Son Jesus Christ."

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