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1996November 25, 1996 -You must all become one with Christ as the head.

Message on November 25, 1996

I saw a vision while meditating during the second part of the overnight prayer service. I saw a large Crucifix. Jesus on the Cross was alive. He instantly became covered with Blood, because people were scourging Him, nailing Him to the Cross, throwing arrows at Him, piercing Him with sharp swords, and pressing a crown of thorns on His Head whenever they sinned.

The Mother of Mercy, wearing a blue mantle, came closer to the right side of Jesus, Who was covered with Blood. As the Blessed Mother embraced Jesus, weeping sorrowfully, she also became covered with Blood. She was overwhelmed with sorrows and choked with sobbing. I was also stretching out my arms and crying. The Blood was also dripping on my hands. Many people were passing by Jesus, Who was bleeding, without paying any attention to Him or noticing Him. The Blessed Mother watched this and wept sorrowfully. She began speaking with much sadness.

"My beloved priests and children!  The Lord, Who loves you so much, continues bleeding like this. My Heart becomes torn apart for pain, while I watch this. Shouldn't you wipe away His Blood and sweat? 

In this current age, how numerous are heretics and false prophets who are using my Son Jesus?name and mine in trying to lead even the Holy Church into a whirlpool of disorder and confusion with cunning temptations and deceptions? 

Therefore, dear priests and children who have been called by me! Work hard hurriedly to help the numerous children, who are swaying in stormy seas of clever but false teachings and are swarming to this place and to that place, come aboard the Mary's Ark of Salvation. Harvest is so plentiful, but workers are scarce. That is why I have called and healed many children just before their death so that they may work as instruments of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my burning Immaculate Heart. But ..."

The Blessed Mother paused, weeping sadly.  She continued with a choked voice.

"There are so few children who are making me known and following me. There should be unity in the Church, with Christ as her head and with all the parts connected to each other. But, because many insist on their own (ego) and are mired in pride, they are unable to form one body and properly perform their functions.

All the priests and children in the world whom I love! You must all become one with Christ as the head. Then, every part will become precious. How painful it would be, if even one of the parts in the body is torn apart from it! 

The parts have different forms and different functions, but, if they perform their functions well and cherish each other more dearly, the devil, who has been afflicting you, will perish by himself and your names will be recorded in the book of eternal life in Heaven. 

Therefore, always remind yourselves that my Son Jesus is not sparing even the last drop of His Blood in atonement for your sins in order to save you all.  

Now, as you see the many signs that the Lord is giving you through me, if you believe my pleas and accept and practice well the messages of love that I have been giving you, you will soon see the dawn of the new era. Good-bye!  An-nyoung!"

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