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1994January 21, 1994- Though both Peter and Judas were the Lord's Apostles!

Message on January 21, 1994

I was violently attacked by the devil for two hours from about 11:30 p.m. I could not see him clearly, but it was the black devil who said, "We cannot let you live any longer. We are going to kill you, because you are our enemy who takes away armies from our side which we have raised with much toil." Then, he said, "Come quickly and beat her up!" The devils began beating, trampling on and strangling me. While I was struggling with the devils, it was impossible for me to get away and my whole body was stiffening. I rolled about in the small room, suffering from extreme pains in my head and chest as if they were breaking apart. Blood was flowing out of my throat and nose.

I offered up the indescribably severe pains for the conversion and salvation of the numerous poor souls who have been so contaminated with sins and are rushing toward their perdition. I prayed, "Lord! If You need my body, I entrust it to You so that it may be used according to Your Will."

At that moment, with a bright light, the Blessed Mother appeared and the devils ran away in a panic. I was totally exhausted and almost unconscious, but began feeling more comfortable when I saw the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother was wearing a crown of twelve stars, a white dress and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her right hand. The light from her was so strong that I could not continue looking at her. She began speaking with a friendly, kind, soft and yet anxious voice.


"My beloved daughter! Thank you. You offered the extreme pains for the conversion of sinners well. The devil afflicts you, but do not forget that I am always protecting you at your side.

My dear children! In this age, so many children are being enveloped in a huge storm, while walking toward their perdition. Now is a precious time for your repentance. Do not ignore, but accept well my earnest appeals that I send to you in many different ways, while you are in the middle of an extreme danger. Even among the children I love so dearly, only a very few respond to my call in a genuine way, saying, "Amen".

In this time of purification, so many children forget about the graces they have received, listen to the false testimonies concocted by Satan, are sidetracked from my way, and judge, criticize and condemn it. Because Satan is employing all the available means like false testimonies and even some phenomena that appear to be supernatural, even many innocent people are being misled.

At this time when the devils are trying to conquer the whole world, I am calling you so that we can confront them together. So, I want you to offer yourselves up well. When you help my little soul who works for me, you are helping me.

My beloved children! Even if you suffer from persecutions and pains that are beyond imagination, I will help you at your side by amazing methods and will carry through my plan to the end and accomplish it. The devil will afflict you with violent and persistent attacks, but I am protecting you at your side from the devil in an invisible way to accomplish my plan. I will protect you; so, stay awake. When you confront the devil and lead many souls to my Immaculate Heart, you are leading them to my Son Jesus. This will become the most beautiful floral crown of glory in my Immaculate Heart.

Children! I chose you for my plan. Therefore, carry out your mission in obedience and as a martyr. The time has come when you must accomplish your mission.

Remember the Apostles, because you are like them who were gathered in the cenacle before they carried out their mission until martyrdom. Do not imitate Judas. Both Peter and Judas were the Lord's Apostles. But Judas went the way of perdition, because he betrayed the Lord and did not repent. Peter denied the Lord three times, but repented with tears, earning Heaven after testifying for the Truth following the footsteps of the Lord.

In this dangerous age, so corrupt with many kinds of sins and permeated with errors, you must spread my messages of love courageously to the entire world. Console me by combining your strengths and achieving a closer unity in love among all of you and with your spiritual directors. In this age when numerous children are mired in errors and being swept away by the tides of evil without even knowing it, hurriedly bring the herds of sheep, which have been trampled upon and scattered around, to my side. I will guide them to my Son Jesus. However heinous their sins may have been, my Son Jesus will become a wonder medicine of balsam for all their wounds that have been caused by hatred, anger and sins and will save them, if they open their hearts widely and rush to Him.

Courageously and hurriedly spread my messages of love to the whole world so that all my children may respond to the words I give them shedding tears and tears of blood and that they may repent. If you accept my words without reservation and follow Jesus Christ in this world which is becoming more and more miserable, you will experience my presence filled with motherly love in this age of dangerous trials; this world will become purified resulting in the softening of God's just anger; the victory of my Immaculate Heart will certainly be achieved, bringing the Lord's Kingdom into this world; and you, who are working for me, will surely stand by my side. Good-bye!"

The Blessed Mother made the Sign of the Cross after finishing these words. She disappeared, as I was also making the Sign of the Cross. When I woke up from the ecstasy, my helpers were weeping at my side. It was about 3:30 a.m. on January 22, 1994.


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