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1994August 12, 1994 - So many people are rushing toward their perdition.

Message on August 12, 1994

 At about 8:20 A.M., I strongly felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel and began praying in front of her statue. Soon, I saw a vision. The sky was clear and bright. Then, suddenly, clouds came and blocked the sun. The whole sky was rapidly being covered with clouds turning the world into a darkness. I began screaming with a choked voice: 

We are going to perish, unless we repent. Hurry up! Let's repent, amend our lives, pray properly and follow the Lord through the Blessed Mother!

Then, many people came from different parts of the world and began praying together. Soon, the clouds that had been covering the whole sky disappeared and Our Lady of Victory appeared radiating a bright light of beautiful colors. This light from the Blessed Mother was so strong that it was reaching and warming the ground. On the ground, there were Fr. Raymond Spies, other priests, Sisters and many lay people. A while later, I saw them walking into the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel) while receiving the light from the Blessed Mother. Even inside the Chapel, the light of different colors was penetrating the roof and brightly shining upon everyone. The light was especially strong upon Fr. Spies and Fr. Aloysius Jang who were tightly holding each other's hands. At that moment, Our Lady of Victory turned into the weeping Blessed Mother and began speaking with a loving, gentle and kind voice.


My beloved priests! My beloved children! Listen to the loud screams from the world. So many people are rushing toward their perdition . . . How numerous are the children who have become blind and deaf because of the darkness that is spreading all over the world!

Severe typhoons were prevented, as I anxiously implored my Son Jesus to remove them in response to your prayers and little sacrifices. How can the blind and deaf people understand that this was a warning? (Note: Julia says that the Blessed Mother was referring to the two typhoons that caused severe damages in some areas in the Western Pacific and were approaching Korea in early August. To everyone's surprise, these typhoons suddenly lost strength and only brought rain to Korea, which had been suffering from a drought.)

If the children in this world do not wake up and do not accept my earnest requests, God can take away His favors from them, as He did from King Saul when he misused his free will. However, I prayed to God not to remove His Love from those who have responded to my call and are following me. So, follow me without worrying. As God did not forsake Moses, He will not abandon you.

My priests and children who have been invited to my love! As I will help you with my power of crushing the serpent, spread my messages of love to the entire world with a hundredfold increase in your courage so that the messages may be practiced in everyone's life.

God can pluck, tear down, demolish and destroy (what stands in this world), but wills to shorten this time of internal death agony by using you as His instruments chosen by me to apply fragrant oil to the wounds of those who need your help while wandering on their sinful roads in this dangerous age.

Therefore, come closer to me and help me with your united strength. How numerous are the poor children who have fallen into the devil's wicked temptations even after experiencing my love. You will be encountering many difficulties while spreading my messages of love for the purpose of helping people to follow the Lord. However, by spreading my messages, you will be following me and applying fragrant oil to the wounds of those who are crying and screaming in the middle of the swamps of sins. So, hurry up! I will always be at your side and rescue you from dangers. Even when you are persecuted while following my words and spreading them, do not forget that a great reward is being prepared for you in Heaven.

Priests and children whom I have chosen! Today I will build you up like a well-defended castle and like iron pillars and brass walls. So, rapidly spread my messages of love to all the children so that they may live according to the messages. When my messages of love are practiced properly, I will bring back even those who have been taken away by the devil to the end of the earth and will sustain them forever. Then, you will be embraced and fondled in my Bosom of Love and will regain the spiritual and physical vitality by drinking my milk."

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, she smiled beautifully and then disappeared.


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