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1995June 19, 1995 -This book that I want will richly fill the hearts of the arid souls.

Message on June 19, 1995

The Blessed Mother has helped many people bear the fruits of her messages and has desired the publication of a book on these fruits so that many people may be able to have the book on the tenth anniversary of her first tears in Naju. But because this work was so difficult, I became worried and, together with several helpers, went to the Chapel and prayed before the Blessed Mother's statue. I entered an ecstasy near the end of the Third Glorious Mystery and heard the Blessed Mother's anxious voice. She was shedding tears of blood.

"My beloved daughter! How could I be unaware of your agonizing heart? Do not be troubled. Do not be sad. Do not cry. What the Lord and this Mother want is that even one more sinner who has been lost repents. 
When a sinner repents, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, together with all of God's Saints and Angels in Heaven, will rejoice. Doesn't the Bible tell you about a father throwing a big banquet when one of his sons who had been lost returned?

Let's compare this to a gold coin. If the gold coin is wrapped and stored, it will be of no use. Likewise, precious writings will be of no use, unless made known. Those who have ears will hear and follow this Mother. Make them known in a hurry. Then, you will harvest richly and numerous sheep will return to the Bosom of the Lord.

Listen well. Those who give to others will receive more, and those who hide (what they have) from others will be deprived of what they have. Who can possibly obstruct God's Will? Do not hesitate, as the time left is short. Also, I am the one who is doing the work.

My dear children. On the day when it will have been ten years since the beginning of my crying out shedding tears, with what are you going to wipe away my tears of blood? Already, the time for preparation is over and, now, you are entering the decisive time of battle. The human race will face the time of a great bloody chastisement. Shouldn't you rescue (people) hurriedly? Do not delay, but hurry up. 

This Mother in Heaven is trying to save even one more soul. Why are you calculating and thinking in human ways?
This book that I want will richly fill the hearts of the arid souls. And, because of this book, the practice of the messages will multiply. It will be a precious gift that will help open people's closed hearts and make them seek me. Therefore, do not worry, but comply with the wishes of this Mother who is undergoing a death agony. 

God has sent angels to His servants in order to show them what is about to happen. Now, do not delay, but hurry up. I will guard and protect you. What will be written in that book are fruits and living testimonies.

Those who walk in the daytime do not fall, because there is light. But those who walk at night can fall easily, because there is no light."



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