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1993February 6, 1993 -The reason for observing the First Saturdays.

Message on February 6, 1993

I had much pain today, but went to the Chapel to attend the overnight prayer service in observance of the First Saturday. At about 10:30 p.m., we began praying the rosary. When we reached the Fifth Joyful Mystery, it became bright around the Blessed Mother's statue and I heard a baby sucking its mother's breast. Even though I could not see the scene, it was evident that the Blessed Mother was feeding a certain soul spiritual milk. This sound continued until the end of the rosary prayer. When the prayer was over, the Blessed Mother's face looked very wet with tears. She began speaking with an anxious and sorrowful voice. 

"My dear children! There are many children who observe First Saturdays and yet do not know the reason for doing it. Therefore, I want to tell you today the reason for observing First Saturdays.
It was a day of cruel suffering for me a long, long day when I was left alone, having lost my Son Jesus. I always had sufferings from the day I conceived Jesus my Son, but, on that Holy Saturday, I expressed sorrows externally for the first time and cried so miserably all night praying for my Son Jesus and for sinners. Those painful hours were also the time for transition from my Son's Death to His Resurrection, a day for going from death to life. This is the reason why I asked you to pray with me tonight.
Didn't the Lord say, "Come to Me, all who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you??I will help you so that all of you may find rest in the Holy Spirit and live in the Mystery of the Passover, singing the Lord's Passover with me, who is the Mother of Passion and Agony and the Mother who entered the glory of her Son's Resurrection.
This Mother, who loves you all and loves especially those children who pray with me on First Saturdays, will stay with you always, as I was with the Apostles, praying with them in the Cenacle in Jerusalem, and will feed you my spiritual milk of love. Those of my children who accept me and drink the spiritual milk will receive the grace of repentance and will find peace and a great comfort in my love, and, thus, will be able to withstand any difficulties.
If you continue observing First Saturdays well and put what I have requested of you into practice, this Mother, who is the Mediatrix, will acquire all the graces for you that you ask for, will give you a special protection and the grace needed for eternal salvation at the time of your death, take you to the Heavenly Harbor in Mary's Ark of Salvation and offer you to the Lord.
So, on First Saturdays, unite with the Lord by making a sincere Confession, attending Holy Mass and receiving Holy Communion; approach the Sacred Bible and contemplate on the Gospels; with love, do reparations for the betrayals that have hurt the Lord's Heart; consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart; pray the rosary sincerely and fervently, contemplating on its Mysteries; accept everything with complete trust, humility and meekness; and live as a little person in my burning Immaculate Heart.
My beloved children! Believe like a child my words that I give you through my little soul who thinks that she is the poorest and least qualified in the world. I give these words to all of you.
There has never been another time when the world was so filled with Satan's temptations and with sins, and afflicted so much pain on the Lord's Heart as now. Look! Even at this moment, people are dying because of droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In so many other ways, numerous people are dying. As nobody knows the time of the Lord's Coming, no one knows when God will take your soul. Therefore, stay awake with love, praying with me. If you accept the Lord's Words and me well, you will see even greater miracles in my garden and enjoy eternal life in the Lord's Kingdom of Love."

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