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1993February 18, 1993 -Offer the Holy Hours devotion sincerely as sacrifices and penance.

Message on February 18, 1993

At about 11 p.m., near the end of the Holy Hours prayer meeting (held every Thursday evening in the Chapel), I fell down on the floor because of a sudden bright light pouring down from above. With the light, the Blessed Mother appeared as the beautiful Mother of Mercy. She was wearing a white dress and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her left hand. With her right hand, she touched everyone in the prayer meeting. Her beauty was beyond human description. After touching everyone, she began speaking with a friendly and yet anxious voice.


"My beloved children! Thank you for responding joyfully to my call. Do not be concerned about how many of you are gathered here. What is important is that you become sanctified in the Lord and offer up your prayers with a sincere heart. I came down from Heaven as the Queen of the Universe enwrapped in a brilliant immaculate light in order to nurture you.
Become children. Know clearly that Satan leads you to judge with your own ideas and behave as adults, feeling self-confident, and, thereby, make you fall into a trap. You must gain Heaven by offering yourselves up with a child's heart.
I will be with you every time you gather together to observe the Holy Hours so that your prayers and sacrifices may be united with mine and offered to the Lord. You must combine your little devotions and offer them up together with mine so that they may soothe the Lord's Wounds.
A multitude of souls are moving farther away from God and rushing toward perdition and the whole human race is faced with an unprecedented danger to their lives and freedom. My Son Jesus is looking down at this poor human race, lamenting over the sinners' indifference and betrayals, and aspiring that all of you would offer the Holy Hours devotion sincerely as sacrifices and penance.
The Holy Hours prayers that you offer compensate for the indifference, sacrileges and insults committed against the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ, Who loved the whole human race so much that He became their Food. These prayers console the pains of death He experienced at Gethsemane and the sorrows He felt because of His disciples' desertion. They also make up for numerous children's sins of violating God's Sacred Dignity and for their ingratitude and betrayals. The prayers, sacrifices and devotions offered for the conversion of sinners during the Holy Hours become reparations for their sins and sacrificial offerings to God's Justice. 

This will soften God the Father's just anger. For this reason, the Lord is pleased to accept the reparations and devotions offered during the Holy Hours. The Lord promised a plenary indulgence to those souls who make a sincere Confession, receive Holy Communion, and observe the Holy Hours well, by pouring down His Spirit into them and bathing them in His Sacred Blood. This promise will surely be kept.
My children, whom I love so dearly! Do not try to calculate the outcome in human ways and out of curiosity. You must know that the Lord's ways are so different from human ways. Do not view anything with human eyes or think in human ways, but keep and follow the Lord's Laws faithfully. The new light of grace will be bestowed and a Resurrection and Pentecost filled with joy will come down upon all the souls who pray in the Lord's name and observe the Holy Hours before the great storm begins, wherever they may be in the world."


After finishing these words, the Blessed Mother became invisible and the light also disappeared.


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