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1990May 8, 1990 - Many children seek me only during hard times as if trying to grab a life buoy.

Message on May 8, 1990

It was Parents' Day, but I could not go to the Blessed Mother because of intense pains all over my body. When even a hair touched me, I felt as if I was pricked with a needle. So, my husband, Julio, went to the Chapel alone and pinned a carnation to the Blessed Mother's dress. I felt so sorry. I was offering pains in bed saying, "Mother! I am sorry. I will send you a bouquet of my heart and prayer."

At about 10:40 p.m., I heard the distant voice of the Blessed Mother.

Daughter! I feel frustrated. Aren't you anxious to see me?

I listened eagerly, but couldn't hear her any more. So, I got up despite the pains and went to the Blessed Mother. When I stepped into the Chapel, I smelled a strong, indescribable fragrance filling the whole Chapel. There was also a fragrance of lilies. The Blessed Mother was shedding tears and her face looked pale.

As I was praying and asking for forgiveness, the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother came from the statue.

Daughter! It is Parents' Day, but there hardly are any children looking for their Heavenly Mother. I feel lonely, because even you, whom I chose, do not seek me because of pains. Please do not leave me as a lonesome Mother. I have called and saved so many souls with my tears of mercy, but how many have followed me in gratitude for that love?

I am sad. So many of my poor children, who are usually forgetful of me, seek me only during hard times as if trying to grab a life buoy . . . how can I work in such changeable hearts?

Once they receive the grace they have asked for, they return to their miserable lives, forget about my love and live in a despicable, ungrateful way. But, my daughter, my mercy prompts me to call them again. I am shedding tears of blood like this because of the poor children who are ungrateful for the blessings they received, do not give love to others, and think that the graces they received are their own and something that they were going to receive anyhow for their own merit. Comfort my Immaculate Heart that is suffering.

This Mother of yours, who has not been approved yet, is indeed above all creatures and all heretics. A fast approval is necessary to save the poor souls who are even insulting God with their pride and sacrileges and are joining hands with the devils.

What a dear price has to be paid to defeat the devil! I feel anxious when I see you. Daughter! Take courage and offer up your sufferings more graciously. Also pray harder for unity. As my messages are spreading to the world and are being put into practice, the devils are becoming more and more active. The Red Dragon is employing all kinds of means to promote division even among priests. Make our enemy, Satan, powerless, with your faith and love. By doing so, help me save many souls. Offer to me even what you think are miserable things. My motherly Heart gets wounded, as I watch all this.

Daughter! You must become strong by opening the door of your heart widely to God the Father, Who is coming to you. I will stay with you so that you can fight the devil and achieve unity in the deep and mysterious Love of God. Isn't unity a truly beautiful fruit? As there are many souls who fall into the cunning traps of the enemy, I must ask you for extreme sacrifices to the extent of offering your life.

Daughter! Follow me, the Mother and the Helper in Redemption, entrusting everything to my immensely wide Immaculate Heart. Do not forget that I, Mother Mary, am preparing a home where you can relax. Follow me without being discouraged. I bestow the same merciful grace on all the souls who trust and follow me and testify for me. My Son Jesus will bestow the cup of blessing on you through the loving benevolence of me, who is the string that ties Heaven and earth together. Good bye! An-nyoung!

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, someone was touching me gently. I was wondering if it was the Blessed Mother comforting me in my sufferings, but, when I looked, it was my husband, Julio. "Julia! The Blessed Mother is shedding tears of blood." At Julio's pressing words, I looked at the Blessed Mother's statue and saw her shedding tears of blood profusely. She also had much blood under her nose. It was about 11:20 p.m. She continued shedding tears of blood until about 1:20 a.m., when the tears of blood began to dry. After that, she was shedding some tears only.

"Mother Mary! Forgive this poor and miserable sinner and may the Mother's will be accomplished victoriously on this earth. Amen."


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