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1990June 30, 1990 - Do not forget that I am always close to you at your side.

Message on June 30, 1990

During the overnight prayer service commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears, I received pains in my ribs and entered an ecstasy. With a bright light, the Blessed Mother appeared. She looked more beautiful, kinder, friendlier, and more graceful than before. She was wearing a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her left hand, and, was radiating light from her right hand on all those who were present at the prayer service.

At that time, Jesus appeared in the sky wearing a red mantle, looking down at us lovingly and kindly, and pouring light upon us with His open arms. This light was spreading like sunlight over all the people attending the prayer service. At that moment, the Saints and angels were also seen praying in great joy. The Angels were also dancing and praying with us. The Blessed Mother began speaking with a very soft and kind voice.

Daughter! Thank you.
My Son Jesus bestows special blessings by shining light on all those who came to this meeting remembering me. Also through the pains and love you have experienced, many children will receive the grace of conversion today.

Love leads us to victory. Strive for it with all your heart. Then, the precious grace will be allowed for the salvation of many souls. Because the sins of the world are excessive, the love of my Immaculate Heart alone is not sufficient and that is why I am calling you. Even at this time, I am also showing signs at other places to spread the messages of my love so that the Lord will be praised.

As God is Three Persons in One, I am the one Mother of Heaven for all of you. As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you must all become one also.

I am asking you, because there are many children who come here for curiosity and are seeking miracles and signs. Offer more sacrifices and reparations so that all the children, upon hearing my eager voice of love, may live the messages actively and follow me with confidence. Bring them to me and, when they follow me completely, I will embrace them with love and let them receive the heavenly joy.

Daughter! Do not forget that I am always close to you at your side.

Oh, Lord and my Mother Mary! You have called all of us. May Your Will alone be done on earth. Let all of us approach Your altar with the gifts of thanksgiving and the offerings of sacrifices.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit appeared from Heaven in the shape of a dove and shed light on all those who were attending the prayer service. Soon, the Blessed Mother and the light disappeared. Jesus also disappeared with the Saints and angels.


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