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1991January 29, 1991 - Nobody knows the exact date and hour of the Lord's coming to you.

Message on January 29, 1991

I had been struggling with pains since last night, but, at about 5:30 this morning, I was called by the Blessed Mother and went to the Chapel. The statue turned into the live Blessed Mother.

Daughter! My daughter who entrusts everything to me even while suffering pains! I want you to follow me with a greater love and without agonizing too much over your unworthiness. This world is decaying with corruption and degradation. The human race is facing a crisis under black clouds and sins are spreading like a horrible cancer. The storm is already becoming violent. This world is exposed to a grave danger, as the storm rages on. How would this Heavenly Mother feel in her Heart, as she watches all this? Follow me with courage even when faced with serious tribulations and threats of violence, wars and destruction. There isn't much time left before incredible punishments will fall even upon those countries which have been protected and intensely cherished so far. Many people are inordinately rejecting God, and the iniquities and corruptions are increasing everyday, causing more violence and more wars.

The darkness is even infiltrating the Church in coldhearted and elaborate ways. Thus, the last hour of bleeding for purification is waiting for you. If you do not live according to the Words of Truth, you will soon suffer calamities and will surely regret it. What is the use of regretting after the justice of God is realized? I am imploring like this to my children, who have been called, as the time permitted for conversion is approaching its end. Be awake and pray without procrastinating. Also become simple as a child. Nobody knows the exact date and hour of the Lord's coming to you. Preparations are in progress to defeat His enemies, destroy them and establish His Kingdom on this earth. He will come to you on clouds displaying His Power to build His glorious Kingdom. Prepare to greet Him with trust, love and faith. He is coming to you through me, your Mother. As He was sent to you by God the Father through my virgin body, Jesus will be using my Immaculate Heart in returning to you as the King.

Therefore, all the children of the world! Open your hearts widely without delay and return to me. Rekindle the fire in your heart that has been extinguished, achieve a unity among all and practice my messages of love. Spread the messages all over the world fervently and filled with hope. When the messages are practiced by the little souls in the form of prayers of a deep love, it will become a fragrant oil washing the bleeding wounds of the Lord. If you do not reject my motherly love and practice love, my Immaculate Heart will achieve a victory in the face of the threat of a new, terrifying war and there will be love and peace in the world. I will stretch and open my mantle and hide and save in the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart all those souls who follow my words even in the midst of a huge darkness. But those who do not accept my words and reject the Lord will be thrown into the sea of an intense fire. Therefore, have trust in me, the Mother of Peace, and rely completely on my Immaculate Heart.

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