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2006May 6, 2006 - Do not become uneasy or worry about your future with human thinking.

Message on May 6, 2006 First Saturday

At about 7:30 p.m., when I was meditating before the altar in the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Mother's Mountain, I noticed the area before me suddenly becoming bright and saw the resurrected Jesus wearing an ivory-colored mantle at the location where the Easter candle would normally be and shedding light upon all those who were present at the overnight prayer meeting. At about the same time, light began radiating from the bleeding Eucharist in the monstrance on the altar and, a little while later, the suffering Jesus wearing the crown of thorns appeared and poured down His Precious Blood on all those present at the overnight prayer meeting. The drops of blood descended like mist upon all. Then, I heard the gentle, kind and loving voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue still exuding fragrant oil.

"My beloved children who have been specially called and have responded with 'Amen'!
I love you all boundlessly who are gathered in this humble and shabby stable and are praying to follow my Son Jesus and me.  Thank you all.  Today, to all of you, who have responded with Amen to my earnest appeal to "pray together in this night which represents the time when my Son passes from death to resurrection and the day when He crosses from death to life," and come to me to pray, the Lord wishes to give a special and boundless love and blessing, and thus heal your sick souls and bodies and save you.

At this time when the numerous children of the world are seeking pleasure, you are gathered here to pray, graciously offering up everything despite the inclement weather in order to atone for not only your sins but also your neighbors'.  Can there be anything that I would not grant you?

As you, who are accepting the Lord's words and mine well, will see even greater miracles in my mantle and will live in the miracles, do not become uneasy or worry about your future with human thinking; nor become disconcerted by the difficulties you encounter in daily lives.  If you have a total trust in and reliance on my Son Jesus, Who loves you so much, and me, we will always be with you.

My beloved children who have been called!  I am very pleased today to see the children gathered here totally believing, trusting and complying with our wish.  There are some who still have doubts, but they have also been called.  This is why the Lord and I also love them so much.  Therefore, tonight, all of you, who are gathered here and are praying, will receive a thorough cleansing of your souls, which have become dirty, with the same Precious Blood of the Lord, light of mercy, and water of mercy, and thus will become reborn with love.

My beloved children!  If even the clergy whom I love so dearly and the children who have been called do not accept the transcendence of my boundless love, with which I so ardently desire that all the children in the world will repent and be saved, and continue to block my work to justify their self-contradicting deeds, slandering and defaming it, what would be the place where they will end up going?  Remembering that the Lord continues loving them with the compassion from His most sublime and pure mercy, pray and pray again for them.

While working for my Son Jesus and me for the salvation of the world, you may suffer all kinds of persecution through groundless malignant rumors and accusations. Nevertheless, before long all these false incriminations and deceptive tactics will disappear as the fog clears under the sunlight. Therefore, do not worry or hesitate but do your best in practicing and spreading the messages of love which this Momma, who loves you so much, gives you through the little soul chosen by me. Then, the light of the love of my Son Jesus and me will shine brightly upon you, and you will inherit the tree of eternal life on the last day."

When she finished speaking, the light disappeared and Jesus became invisible.



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