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2001November 8, 2001- The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near.

Message on November 8, 2001 

While I was in deep meditation, I saw a vision. Jesus was bleeding from the wounds caused by the crown of thorns and scourging, but numerous people including many clergy continued to cruelly drive more nails through Him. Loud sounds of hammering continued, causing pains to my ears. As I watched Jesus continuously bleeding, I felt extreme pains in my heart as if it were becoming torn into pieces.

“Oh, my Lord, My Beloved! Thou lovest so much even those souls who continue to push Thee toward death. How can we fathom Thy immense love? How much more prayer will be necessary to pull out all these nails driven into Thy body? We love Thee with all our hearts, even though we are unworthy. Be consoled by the sacrifices, penances, and earnest prayers that we offer up, even though they are so little like dust.

Oh, my Love, my Beloved! Now, we will pull out the nails driven into the Lord's body with the pliers that the Blessed Mother gave us; we will become a handkerchief that wipes away blood and sweat from the Lord's face; we will become tailors who mend the wounds in Thy Sacred Heart; and we will try to live a life of unending gratitude. Therefore, receive praise, glory and consolation.

Oh, my Love, my Beloved! Fill our unworthy souls with the fruits merited by Thy suffering on the Cross; take charge in our lives so that we may feed numerous souls with these fruits.While I was praying earnestly, Jesus began speaking with a soft voice.

My love, My little soul! You have repeatedly said that you are unworthy and your prayers are like dust, but the prayers that you offer with love and earnestness are like sweet water that quenches My thirst and the pliers that pull out nails from My body.

My beloved little baby! As I told you before, I can make you perfect, but I do not take away your shortcomings which have been given to you as gifts to keep you humble. Therefore, do not be focused on yourself, but, with more strenuous efforts and through unceasing sacrifices and penances, offer yourself up totally so that all the clergy may obey and form unity with the Pope, who is the successor of Peter, whom I chose, who is My Vicar, and who is the eldest brother in the Church, and that they may convert and accomplish the mission entrusted to them, in compliance with My Will.

Even a large majority of the clergy have alienated themselves from the source of love, have totally forgotten about My Divinity, have become blind and deaf, and, because of face-saving and others?eyes, do not defend the truth against errors which they see and utter criticisms in the back, even though I, Who am the way, the truth, and the life, and My Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption and the Advocate, have been showing signs and screaming until Our throats begin bleeding. This is why they are incurring God the Father's wrath of justice.

That is not all. Many of the clergy, whose duty is to lead the herds of sheep to Heaven, are offering Masses and the Divine Office in superficial ways, neglect their sacred duties, and are unfaithful to the tasks given to them, getting involved in golf, Go-Stop (Translator's note: Go-Stop is a popular card game in Korea played for gambling and fun), and drinking and enjoying pleasure together with the secular world instead of abstaining from associating with women, obsessed with and addicted to all the worldly matters. Every time they do so, I wear the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown, become nailed to the Cross, and shed blood.

Now, all the clergy, religious, and laity in the world! The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near. But as it is not yet too late, make haste to repent and make strenuous efforts to extinguish the fire in My Sacred Heart which has become an active volcano and thus prevent God the Father's chastisement. And approach Me through My Mother relying on the transcendence of My Love with which I love even the most wicked sinners. I, Who love you, am still trying to save you by transfusing to you the blood which I shed on the Cross in order to wash away your filthy stains. However, if you refuse to receive the transfusion, I cannot help. Those children who rush toward Me through My Mother, who is the Helper in My Work of Salvation, the Mediatrix of Graces, and the Co-Redemptrix, will be counted as good heads of grain at the last judgment and will enjoy eternal happiness at My Table in My Kingdom.

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