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2017November 5, 2017 - The Message of Love from Jesus

Message of Love from Jesus received 
by Julia Kim of Naju, on November 5, 2017


Since I had made up my mind to compile the ‘Five Spiritualities’ book, I was besieged with insurmountable suffering that I was always exhausted and couldn’t even keep my eyes open.  I collapsed in total exhaustion beset with indescribable hardships by the time I completed the book. I almost died on several occasions while working on it. The pain intensified to an unbearable level, rendering my body impossible to work. So, I went for a medical check-up.  

To everyone’s surprise, my potassium level was 12.5 (normal level: 3.5-5), which is seen in a dead human body. My oxygen saturation dropped to 82% (normal range: 95-100%). The autonomic nervous system that controls all the organs of my body was dysfunctional too. I was at my worst state of health.

Furthermore, I developed heart failure, asthma, and other symptoms. My anus became excessively protruded, and the skin on my private parts were peeled off, torn, and bled (in reparation for the sins of obscenity and homosexuality committed by others), making it extremely difficult to move my body even a little.

Moreover, my body temperature dropped to 22.3 degrees Celsius, which was medically impossible to explain. In the meanwhile, Satan and the devils continued to attack me in indescribable ways.

 While preparing for November’s First Saturday Prayer meeting, severe pain continued. I offered up the horrible aches from my ripped private parts and from my torn bleeding anus, in reparation for the sins of obscenity, abortion, and homosexuality committed by others. But my heart was filled with joy, believing that the pilgrims who came to Naju would repent and be healed through my suffering. How happy I was!

During the First Saturday prayer meeting on Nov, 4, I was deluged with so much pain that I received the anointing for the sick in the anteroom. As I was ready to walk out of the room to give a talk to the pilgrims, I felt an excruciating chest pain from heart attack. Immediately, I had difficulty breathing; I felt like I was about to die. But I turned it into a prayer, ‘Lord, please heal the pilgrims who are suffering from severe heart disease (through my sufferings) today!’ I took nitroglycerin to relieve my chest pain by dissolving it under my tongue and proceeded to the stage, praying, ‘Lord! I completely offer myself to You whether I die or live as I am Yours!’

I was semiconscious due to excruciating pain and felt like passing out. Nevertheless, as soon as the drug under my tongue melted, I commenced speaking to the pilgrims with all my might. After finishing the talk, I got a severe pounding headache, as if it was about to explode anytime. So, I received the anointing the second time. However, my body felt like it was disintegrating due to pain, so the priest anointed me again.

Around 3 A.M., I cried out to the Lord from the depths of my heart, ‘O my Love, my Beloved! My Everything! Now, I feel like I am going to die soon, but I willingly offer all these countless pains that I suffered since the Book of 『The Five Spiritualities』 was set to be compiled. Therefore, please grant the grace of repentance to your children who are gathered here today. This is the Month of Souls in Purgatory. Could you send the souls of those who are related to the pilgrims to Heaven – especially the ones in the purgatory, for whom the pilgrims are praying for? If so, I will make reparations for all of them, instead.’

At that moment, Jesus, wearing a white mantle, came to my side with a benevolent look. I tried to stand up in amazement, but fell; Jesus looked at me with kind eyes and said,

Jesus: “My little soul, who loves your neighborsmore than yourself! Aren’t you scared or distressed by the pains that you suffer, that drives you to the brink of death(命在朝夕)?”

Julia: “Because of the hope that even a single soul would repent, I am happy to suffer from these pain. Of course, there are times when I wish to be healthy as well. When I am in pain, I unfortunately have to get help from others, but I often find it hard to ask for help. There is also so much work to be done in your Name that I am unable to do.

Jesus: “I see. If they collaborate with you on the work you are doing with their whole hearts and devotions, they also will receive the same reward as yours and share equal joy with you beside My Mother and Me on the last day. As I have said before, helping My little soul is the same as helping Me and My Mother. Therefore, those who offer their helping hands can also enjoy eternal happiness with you beside My Mother and Me on the last day.

My poor daughter, My beloved baby! How hard must it have been for you to watch those who are as stubborn as the Israelites! But, they will finally wake up and join you with whole open hearts. On the other hand, if they still don’t wake up, it will be their loss. So, do not be sad any more. Didn’t God the Father tell you that even when you merely breathing, you are playing a significant role in saving numerous souls?”

Julia: “I am just an unworthy sinner. But my beloved Jesus, my everything! This unworthy sinner is anxiously pleading with you again. Through these pain that push me to the brink of death with profuse bleeding and weakening consciousness, I wish that you will allow those souls of the family and relatives of these children gathering here, and other souls in purgatory for whom they are praying for, despite the persecution they receive for being here during this month to finally go up to Heaven from Purgatory.”

Jesus: “In this current world, even the majority of clergy and children, who have been specially called, keep the doors of their hearts closed, blocking the entry with their own worldly knowledge; they are also being swept away by the raging waves of distorted love. And yet, they say they are making Me known, being preoccupied with sham spiritualities and hiding their hypocrisy and greed. All the while they persecute you, who is proving to Me the utmost allegiance that cannot be compared with anything in the world(萬古忠節) , in a way of under-the-table work (浸潤之譖), and block salvation, thus, making this world becomes atrocious and miserable. 

Nonetheless, you accepted even extremely unfair obstacles (擧措失當) as a gift of accumulating holy virtues and willingly offered up the pains of double death, which you suffer moment after moment for their salvation, advancing bravely with a dashing spirit (勇往邁進). 

Therefore, how can I refuse your entreaty? As your pain united with My Pain became so intense, I will deliver 10,003 souls from Purgatory as you wished today. Now look!” 

Jesus showed me the countless graves, and I saw black sticks erected beside the graves. Then He said to me: 

Jesus: “Blow your breath onto the graves” 

Julia: “What? Me?” 

Jesus: “Yes, you have always done well for everything that I have told you to do. Now, blow your breath again. You've done it before, haven’t you? At that time, you were able to fly well, right? It’s because you did exactly as I told you. On your way up, there were so many graves, and I said to you ‘blow your breath onto the graves.’ 

When you blew your breath as you were told,the graves opened. When you blew again, the bones came together, bone joining another bone with a big sound. After that, when you blew your breath into them, flesh grew over them, lastly, when you blew again, the breath entered them; they came to life and I granted them salvation, and they went up to Heaven. Do you remember?” 

Julia: “Of course, I clearly remember as if it just happened yesterday. But why did You entrust this great work to me, an unworthy sinner?” 

Jesus: “Didn’t I tell you that I prepared you? Although I have tested you many times. But, you remained steadfast and have never disappointed Me, not even for one moment. Now, blow your breath, go ahead!” 

I blew my breath energetically towards the countless graves. Then all the black sticks erected beside the graves disappeared, instead, bright crosses appeared. At that moment, Jesus lifted up His hands and gave a blessing toward the graves, saying,

Jesus: “Today, I will give you complete absolution from your unfinished reparations through the little soul’s entreaty. You have been delivered from Purgatory, today!” 

Julia: “My Lord, Jesus, I know they’ve been delivered, but I did not see with my eyes whether their tombs were opened nor their souls were elevated to Heaven.” 

Jesus: “I granted pardon for their unfinished penances through your bloody entreaty, so their souls became purified and the radiant Crosses erected, didn’t it? They were already elevated to Heaven escorted by angels. Even so, do you really still want to see it with your very eyes?” 

Julia: “Yes, I do. Could you show me?” 

Jesus: “Oh, What a cute and adorable child, my baby! Shall I show it to you by replaying it?” 

Julia: “Yes. I’d love it.” 

As soon as I replied, those numerous tombs opened again, and a great number of souls emerged from their tombs. I broke into exclamation enraptured by the scene. They were going up to Heaven like white butterflies, escorted by angels. They were too many to count.

“O my Love, my Everything! Who am I, but a sinner, that you love me this much! Even in the agony of pain, my heart towards you is so joyful, what more would I desire in this life? Even if suffering weighs heavily on me, my heart reaches out for you in full happiness. That is the desired rest and peace of this sinner. Your precious grace is bestowed on us so timely, meeting our precise needs for all that we wished for. You are the eternal love of us all.” 

Only after I met Jesus, I could come to my consciousness and was able to meet pilgrims at the meeting time and shared the love of God with all of them.

The pains that Julia Kim suffered while she was writing the messages.


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