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2015January 1, 2015 - If you totally arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities and put into practice the Messages of Love…

January 1, 2015

My pains had continued throughout 2014, but, on this day at the close of another year, the pains in reparation for obscenities, abortions, and homosexual behaviors, the pains of the pieces of flesh in my mouth falling apart as a reparation for the sins of false judgment and slander, the severe protruding of the bones in my waist, the tenacious attacks by the devils through the people around me, and other different kinds of pains too numerous to mention followed one after another.

Especially when the clergy, religious, and lay sons and daughters, who are supposed to be close (to the Lord and the Blessed Mother), lead a sinful life and do not repent, the pains that the Lord and the Blessed Mother suffer are indescribably severe, making me unable to collect my mind as I felt fire burning into my heart.  It was difficult for me to take even one step, because I felt as if my entire body were crumbling down.  Nevertheless, I exerted the energy of love and climbed up the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, offering up everything for the Lord and the Blessed Mother, as reparation on behalf of sinners, and for the pilgrims.  

When the fire on the image of the Sacred Heart which signaled the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 was carried to and touched the heap of firewood, a huge bonfire soared up and made a loud exploding sound. 

Lighting ceremony to announce the New Year in the Blessed Mother's Mountain in 2015


Snowflakes of Mercy pouring out during the Rosary

Snowflakes of Mercy pouring out during the Rosary

At that moment, snowflakes suddenly filled much of the night sky which had been clear and poured down in torrents.  Stars were still twinkling in the sky.  The snowflakes of mercy that were coming down from the night sky with twinkling stars became joined with the bonfire blazing up forcefully and formed a great spectacle, unfolding a fascinating scene.

While we gathered before the Baby Jesus in a manger and offered up the Rosary, I entered an ecstasy during the Third Joyful Mystery.  The scenes of this world that the Lord showed me were filled with more sins than at any other time before, and I could not look at them with open eyes.  Before these miserable scenes, I could not help shedding tears, and my heart was burning into flames vigorously. 

While praying the Rosary in the chapel of the manger,

Julia went into ecstasy and received a Message of Love.

Too many people were mired in obscene sins, even including some children only 7-8 years old.  The scenes of people seeking pleasure by engaging in homosexual behavior were most disgusting.  People, young and old, men and women, were committing sins of their senses, even committing incest without restraint.  Besides, violence, brutal murders, and all kinds of other sins that cannot even be mentioned in words were being committed ceaselessly day and night.  Thus, the world already became so covered with darkness that those people became blind and deaf and had no consciousness of their sinfulness and were continuously committing all kinds of sins. 

Even the sons and daughters, who were saying that they knew God, were rushing to degradation and thus were desperately struggling with each other with ill will and revengeful thoughts to become higher than others by trampling them, and, as a result, all of them were entangled and fighting with each other.  The devils looked at this and, becoming elated, set more snares and traps and unceasingly instigated people so that they might be unable to escape from their sins.  I could not look at the horrible scenes of this world with open eyes where people were falling into the devils’ seductions and thus, becoming insensitive to sin, continued to commit sins.

Moreover, the large majority of the clergy and religious to whom the obligation to lead the herds of sheep to Heaven had been assigned and even the lay sons and daughters who had been called were forgetting their duties, were not conforming to the Lord’s Will, and were joining forces with the devils, causing the numerous herds of sheep, who were following them, to walk on the road to Hell and to turn their faces away from the repeated anxious pleadings by the Blessed Mother.  As a result, the Blessed Mother continued shedding tears of blood from her eyes.  God the Father, Who had been looking at all these was trembling with anger and, at that moment, the cup of wrath, lifted high, was shaking and spilled little by little on the world triggering fire to start and flame up at various places.  The Blessed Mother was shedding tears of blood from her eyes and began speaking.


“My daughter whom I love so dearly!  This world, which has committed offenses against God which they should not have done, is already in the state of extreme disorder, but even those who have been specially chosen as the Lord’s ministers are walking on the wrong paths instead of guiding the herds of sheep to Heaven.  Because of this, even the ineffable and unprecedented miracles have been performed and the same words have been repeatedly cried out, but these have been disregarded, neglected, and not cared about.  Now, I am losing the energy to hold back God the Father’s cup of just wrath any further.”  


“No!  No!  We are here even though we have shortcomings.  Little souls are here.  Please keep holding back God the Father’s hand.  We will repent more, offer up more sacrifices and reparations, and propagate (the messages) more diligently.  Father, You will accept our pleading, won’t You?”


“Let’s pray together.  My beloved daughter who graciously offers up (your pains) wishing the world to be saved, even while gasping with the last breaths before death!  As you know well that this world is now faced with a hair-trigger danger, inform my priests and sons and daughters without delay whom I have called because I specially love them so that they may accept my messages of love well and put them into practice.

My dearly beloved sons and daughters called because I love you so dearly!  Following God’s great plan of salvation, I have called you to use you as guides for the herds of sheep suffering from parched throats.  

Now, look!  The large majority of the priests, who have been endowed with the duties to take charge of the supreme Holy Eucharist which is the Real Presence of the living and breathing Lord, to supply sustenance to the herds of sheep and take care of them with love so that they may grow spiritually, are disregarding, neglecting, and not caring about their duties but are engrossed in other things while neglecting more important duties and pursuing the things of the secular world and pleasures of the flesh.  Children!  My Heart is becoming torn apart into thousands and tens of thousands of pieces turning into an active volcano that spills blood and is blazing up with extreme sadness like this!

If my earnest request is not complied with, it could happen that God withdraws everything in an instant as He withdrew His Love that He had earlier bestowed on Saul because of his misuse of free will.  Thus, if you follow the idols that are outwardly attractive as they are also called scholarship and knowledge produced by the arrogance of humans or follow the vain values of the secular world which are not even worth a handful of food, you will be making useless efforts wasting your energy and may cry out only when God’s cup of chastisement comes down and repent only after realizing your failure, but what would be the use?

My children, who know in their minds and say with their tongues that if they put their minds on the secular values and sensual gratification, they will fall into ruin, but if they put their minds on what belong to Heaven, they will enjoy eternal happiness, are falling into the sweet temptations of the devils and are becoming slaves of the flesh, which will decay and disappear, and of lust!  How many sons and daughters are there really who graciously offer up the pains of cutting bones, make utmost efforts, and win victory with the invincible weapons that I gave them in this fiery spiritual war?

Therefore, my beloved children!  Regardless of what thoughts you came here with, remember that I called you because I love you, and now listen to my voice attentively, respond with Amen, and make strenuous efforts to accomplish the extremely important missions entrusted to you.

As I called you to help and work with my chosen daughter because I love you very much, I want you to become a flower crown of consolation for my pitiful daughter.  Keep in mind that doing so will be the same as consoling me and helping me and, without the slightest doubt, be brought up in a simple way by my daughter and thus become a humble apostle of the Sacred Hearts and help me.

Doing so is exactly God’s far-reaching plan of salvation to save this world, which is rushing to destruction, and carry all the sons and daughters in Mary’s Ark of Salvation and take them to Heaven.  Therefore, together with the Infant Jesus Who came to save the world, be born anew on this day beginning the new year, and entrust everything to me, who am the Mother of God and became your true Mother, and make a new start from now.

My beloved children whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain!  The world endlessly slanders and speaks ill of my daughter whom I have chosen and judges the mysteries of the Heavenly Kingdom which she makes known, but my Son Jesus, Who withdraws wisdom from those who think they are wise and repels knowledge from those who think they are intelligent, has personally become her spiritual director and has brought and raised her up to save the world.  I have also put my heart and soul into refining her so that her soul, which is like the Morning Star sparkling beautifully even at daybreak, may become purer.

In spite of that, the numerous priests and religious continue judging my daughter and thus committing offenses against God which they should not.  Shouldn’t you, called to this place because I love you so dearly, be united and become interpreters who console her and care for her life?

Even at this time, my daughter whom I chose is offering up endless sacrifices and penances and offering up the sacrifice of atonement before God’s royal palace for the salvation of this world.  However, as the number of the faithful little souls who are following her road is not yet sufficient, I want to inform you that my little soul is now offering up the pains of frequently approaching the crisis of impending death moment after moment, breathing with the last gasps, and ask for your help.

The Lord can make the little soul stand up from her bed right away.  However, because the world is filled up with all kinds of sins and is turning into a state of extreme disorder, the pains that my daughter suffers to save even one more soul are so extreme.  Therefore, now stand up promptly and help her wholeheartedly!

My beloved children whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain!  You can do it if you are united.  Stay strong, take courage!  If you recognize how gravely important the task given to you who have been specially chosen to save this world is, are pleased to be brought up by my little soul who offers up all her heart and efforts and does not spare any efforts for others, and successfully carry out the sublime mission entrusted to you with a heart of respecting (others), lowering yourselves, and not sparing your energy, countlessly many sons and daughters will repent and come back to God through chain reactions more powerful than nuclear reactions.

I am not leaving my little soul even for one moment through my invisible presence; together with my Son Jesus, I am always in my daughter and with her; and God is personally working here in Naju.  Then, what are you worried about?

Now, the time of my triumph is approaching.  If you totally arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities and put into practice the Messages of Love, the mistakes and errors of the Gwangju Archdiocese, which had been forcing others to accept as true what was not true and tried to deceive others with shallow tricks, will soon and surely be exposed; the greatest victory, which will lead to establishment of the glorious Kingdom of Christ, will be achieved in the fierce battle of these last times; and, instead of the cup of chastisement that was to descend on this world, the cup of God’s blessing will come down.

Thus, when my Son Jesus Christ comes back to this world, my little soul who has been working for God’s Plan of Salvation and you who have been working in unity with her will emerge with Christ in glory.  Therefore, follow me with the best heroic loyalty and utmost earnestness combined with your whole heart and energy.” 


Explanation for the Chinese words used in Message of Love

置之度外 :    To disregard, neglect, and do not care about
讀書亡羊 :    To be engrossed in other things while neglecting more important things
鏤塵吹影 :    Useless efforts
亡羊補牢 :    To regret only after failure, which is useless
刻骨之痛 :    Extreme pain as when cutting the bone
盡       力  :    Maximum possible energy one has
碎首灰塵 :    To exert all heart and efforts
粉骨碎身 :    To exert all available efforts
鞠躬盡力 :    To exert all available energy, while respecting others and being humble
指鹿爲馬 :    To force others to accept as true what is not true
掩耳盜鐘 :    To use shallow tricks to deceive others

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