The Precious Blood of Jesus

On Feb 28, 2001, Ash Wednesday, Jesus put the bloodstained cotton of His garment into the little soul’s hand. Everyone was surprised and looked at it more closely. A volunteer, who was knowledgeable in textiles, said, “It looks like a cloth made of very delicate fibers.”

On Nov. 9, 2001, Jesus shed His Precious Blood on the Stations of the Cross at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church. He has shed His Precious Blood more than 8 times since then. The Precious Blood was found to be of Type AB in the blood type test.

The Precious Blood that descended on August 15, 2002 did not coagulate but maintained its liquid state for a total of 140 days until January 1, 2003, proving that the Precious Blood of Jesus is alive.

On Oct 19, 2006, at the very moment when Julia touched the Feet of Jesus on the Crucifix at Mt. Calvary and prayed, the Precious Blood came out of His Foot and flowed down to her hand and arm.

As you see and feel My most sublime Precious Blood which I poured out,
holding back none, by opening My Sacred Heart for all of you, rely totally (on Me)
with complete faith and trust and with gratitude and love 

Message of Love of Jesus, August 15, 2002

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