๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ“ฐ News of the Prayer Meeting on the First Saturday of September 2023 ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿ’—

๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ“ฐ News of the Prayer Meeting 
on the First Saturday of September 2023 ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿ’—

Dear All family of Mary's Ark of Salvation all over the world. Here's the news from the first Saturday prayer meeting in September, a month dedicated to all Korean martyrs. Let us once again determine to live our life with the spirit of martyrdom and to sublimate all the pain in practicing the Five Spiritualities.

This year, it has been raining frequently and heavily. There was a weather forecast predicting heavy rain on the First Saturday, which caused some concern. However, pilgrims reassured, "We've come to Naju, so what's there to worry about? Just wait and see; the Lord and the Blessed Mother will take care of everything." True to these words, Mama Julia prayed, and throughout the prayer meeting, we were not hindered by the rain, allowing us to have a truly blessed time.

At 3 PM, the Way of the Cross Prayer:
Through the prayer of the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother's Mountain where the Lord shed His Precious Blood and the Blessed Mothe sheds Tears while walking together with us, we have experienced numerous spiritual and physical healings over time.

The world is indeed experiencing suffering as a warning from God about the rudeness and cruelty of humanity. Prolonged wars, severe violence, droughts, floods, wildfires, and the countless lives lost to famine and disease all serve as reminders of God's warning. The news from various parts of the world is undeniably grim and troubling.

Therefore, even now, the Blessed Mothe watches over us with a mother's heart and feels deep compassion. It is an infinitely great blessing that we have Naju. We pray that Naju may be officially recognized as soon as possible, bringing an end to all this suffering. We offer our intentions through the prayer of the Way of the Cross.

During the procession of Mary's Ark of Salvation, commemorating the Holy Month of Martyrs, the Relic of St. Andrew Kim Dae-geon was also allowed to participate in the procession.

We prayed, saying, "Great martyrs, together with the heavenly Mother intercede for us and obtain God's mercy for us." We also praised, "Through the glorious martyrdom of Saint Andrea Kim Dae-geon, the first  Korean priest, may God be glorified."

Indeed, It was so significant when we prayed “Consecrating all human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus” reminding us of the current state of this world during the Eucharistic Benediction. 

Through the presentation on "Message of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother in Naju," we had a moment of realization that those before the Heavenly Throne are people who have endured great tribulations, and they represent us, the ones who spread the Message of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother and put it into practice.


"You who follow Me and My Mother, practicing the message of love, will, on the last day, enjoy eternal happiness escorted by angels before My Heavenly Throne, by My Mother's side, and together with all Saints."

If we earnestly strive and make efforts to fulfill the mission given to us while staying awake and praying with Mama Julia, it will certainly come to pass. The Lord and the Blessed Mother have said that They will soon come with rewards and fire to repay each person according to their deeds. Therefore, let us awaken quickly and arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities every moment, so that we may not only enjoy the blessings in the hereafter but also receive them in this present life, as They promised us.

During the time of sharing grace, Angela from Suwon testified that while looking around the Exhibition of Grace room, she smelled the strong smell of blood and had the amazing experience of purifying her mind, feeling grateful, and being filled with strength from within. She was even healed from her sore knees.


Sister Gemma's testimony is truly inspiring. While volunteering to care for a disabled individual in Portugal, she saw the video of the Eucharistic Miracle where the consecrated host transformed into Flesh and Blood in Mama Julia’s mouth in the Vatican. After that, Sister Gemma became interested in Naju Shrine as she felt the love of Jesus touched her heart. 

After meditating on Mama Julia's inspiring message and deeply repenting for her sins, she found a cleansing grace that she couldn't find through pilgrimages and retreats in various places around the world. In a single moment, her heart was completely purified, and she realized that Naju is the foremost pilgrimage site in the world. Sister Gemma's testimony demonstrates the profound impact of the spiritual journey and transformation that many experience through Naju.

Paul's Discovery of the Virgin Mary's Milk: While staying in the duty room at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju Shrine, Paul, wearing a Beanie and Scarf of All Signs of Grace, discovered a thick and clear substance, Blessed Mother's Milk on a glass pane. Within less than a minute, the Milk disappeared, leading Paul to believe that the Blessed Mother’s love, represented by Her Milk, had permeated both his spirit and his body.

Cecilia from Gwangju, suffering from extreme economic hardship and various forms of persecution from her mother-in-law, found herself boiling with resentment. However, after reading the book of the Five Spiritualities, she was deeply moved by how Mama Julia has lived her life in the midst of continuous suffering. Now Cecilia considers all her suffering manifestation of God's love.

Stella from Chuncheon, suffering from a painful back, experienced immediate healing by placing a photo of Mama Julia on her back. She testifies that no matter what difficulties she faces, practicing the Five Spiritualities in relationships with others always brings her happiness.

Caritas from Busan was scared, trembled, and dizzy every time she took an exam. She received a kiss from Mama Julia on the book she was studying, and sprinkled the Holy Water of Naju. After that, her mind stabilized and she obtained two counseling psychologist licenses, a level 2 clinical psychologist and a level 2 professional counselor.
Everyone who listened to the truly amazing testimonies had a time of grace.


Mama Julia stated that in this troubled world, if we remain vigilant and continually arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities, practicing them, we will be saved even if we are in a dangerous and imminent crisis.


Mama Julia offered up her suffering of not being able to sleep, nor eat properly, and having her heart suddenly stop, for our healing. As we celebrate the Holy Month of Martyrs, Julia suggested that we meditate and reflect on whether we have truly practiced the Five Spiritualities so far. She encouraged us that if we didn’t do it well, we could start “Now”.

Mama Julia: If you fully practice the Five Spiritualities, there is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved. Let us offer up everything beautifully with love. If you practice love, the devil will run away. Faith can move mountains, but deep love can lift the world.

Our priest said during his homily in the Mass, “The Lord continuously asks us to learn through the life of the little soul, Mama Julia. So, in unity with her, we can do anything if we follow her examples, offering up every moment with Prayers of Life, as she is giving up everything and doing her best.


At last, the exciting time of meeting with the Lord and the Blessed Mother through Mama Julia!
Mama Julia blessed everyone who participated in the prayer meeting by blowing her breath and sending kisses onto them. We believe the effect of these blessings will continue to appear as various graces in every corner of our daily life.

After the time of meeting Mama Julia, a rainbow-colored halo appeared around the bright moon. 

It seemed to show that heaven's blessings were pouring down on all pilgrims, and the pilgrims who saw this cheered with joy. we pray that all these graces will transcend time and space and be showered upon you and your family while you read this “Good news letter”. God bless you!  Thank you!๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒน
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